About Me

T / P / I / B

In life, I have learned that I am a list maker, but not a list follower. I tend to have paint in my hair and dye on my hands. I am a thrift store junky and lover of anything somewhat funky.
Roller Derby wanna-be.
Wife to my beloved deployed soldier & a mama with a few tattoos. 
And I am fully aware that none of these things make me special. 

Welcome to my blog and may our catastrophes be minimal. 

((Hereafter the daughter will be referred 
to as 'Dollface ' and the son as 'Redd ')) 

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Personal Disclaimer
For all readers, Ballistic Gypsy does not pay nor receive any compensation for the product reviews written. All reviews are from products sent free of charge and with no incentive to offer a favorable review. The only compensation that I ever receive is the use of the product that I review.