Life List

As you may recall from my 'About Me' page, I state that I am a list maker, but not a list follower. This is something I want to change. I made this list years ago in an old journal and slowly I have been marking things off.

Join a Roller Derby team (look)
tried. will try again when I have more time available

VOTE Every Election Year (ongoing)

Visit the statue of Liberty

Take my kids to the Grand Canyon

Travel to Ireland

Go to Canada

Finish my BA then work on my Masters

Do freelance photography for fun

Bungee Jump

Write a fictional book about my life

Write a children's book dedicated to my kids

See Stonehenge

Go to Easter Island

Watch the sunrise

Learn to dance

Go on the London Eye

Kiss the Blarney Stone

Learn to play an instrument

Protest for something I believe in

Visit a psychic or medium

Donate my hair to Locks of Love

Take a cruise with friends

Ride in a horse drawn carriage

Keep a journal for at least one year

Give a homeless person a Christmas Gift

Own a house with a pool

Read a book over 1000 pages

Ride a mechanical bull

Wear a ball gown

Plant five trees

Hug a stranger

Practice random acts of kindness (ongoing)

Live in a foreign country

Witness the Northern Lights

See a Broadway show

Drive the whole rout 66

Take Belly Dance classes

Raise my kids to be free spirits (ongoing)

Renew my wedding vows to the man I love

Live in the NOW (ongoing)

Eat an oyster

Own a convertible

Go camping (again)

Go on a road trip with no destination

Go to Las Vegas

Go to Niagara Falls

Buy a house, then spend the next several years 
making it my dream home((WORKING ON THIS ONE NOW))

Swim in the ocean

Pass my wedding rings onto one of my kids

Be a member of a live TV audience

Send a message in a bottle

Document my family tree

Visit all US States

Go rock climbing

Own a mini Pet Pig

See the Cheery Blossoms around the Tidal Basin in Washington DC in full bloom

Photograph Mount Rushmore

Go to Pike Place Market in Seattle

Cross the Golden Gate Bridge

Go to Disney

Go to Sea World

Visit Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Ride in a hot air balloon

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  1. Great list! Yes, come to Canada! The east cost is gorgeous - I live in Newfoundland and am from New Brunswick.


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