Saturday, January 29, 2011

Before & After - La Fonda the beautiful

 Say Hello To My Little Friend

BEFORE- Blah,  Who wants boring old white and wood colored things? Not I!


          I still find the transformation from a little paint to be amazing. 
And don't you love this color? :)
There is not a lot of change here, but I love the way they  turned out, for the most part.

(Notice that nothing has been done to the cigar box yet, I am completely uninspired right now. Soon it will get a makeover, 
just not yet)

 Painting is no where near as fun when I must renounce my love for spray-paint and go back the using a boring old brush. ho-hum. . .

{I'm totally digging this color!}

So what do you think? Its painted and slightly distressed around the edges. I feel like it needs something else, though. I haven't quite figured out what yet. Suggestions?
 My darling, want-to-be-involved husband wants me to add a monogram on the side. I would have no problem with that, ya know, if I had one of these bad boys, the beloved Silhouette Digital Cutting Tool.    (hint-hint to the hubs)

I've entered in blog give-a-ways countless times but to no avail. Maybe someday. *Fingers Crossed*

When prepping to refinish the stool, I had an Ah-Ha moment. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do to the top, I flipped it over and saw the screw holes and simply removed the base from the top to make painting easier. I may still do something else with the top, but in the meantime I'm happy with it the way it is. I ordered a sample of Regal Plum from the Valspar free paint sample they are doing for 100 days. 
I think I am going to paint the top of the stool the plum color when it comes in the mail!! 
*Hooray for FREE Paint*

Edit to add:   I have named my magazine rack, La Fonda.

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  1. What a pretty color! I love your little friend. :)

  2. Great colour! I wish we could get some free paint samples, but alas, no in Canada!
    Your little friend looks like a kid I know...he loves cuddles and is as goofy as a Monkey!

  3. Love it, that is about the color I just painted my sewing room. For some reason I paired with accents of orange, which is an out of the box color for me. Funny when you do that you suddenly see that color combo everywhere, or maybe I started the aqua and orange color trend....

    Great job, love the magazine rack, super useful and portable if you are moving around the house. Thanks for sharing.


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