Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why I suck at sewing:

My good buddy over at sweet-green-tangerine, has told me, on more than one occasion, that the only reason I suck at sewing is simply because I refuse to follow the directions….and she’s right.  So be it.  I am a non-sewing crafter.  Give me a staple gun and some spray paint and I can whip you up something fairly badass.  --  Give me 2 yards of fabric and my awesome sewing machine (a big thank you to my hubs—sorry I don’t use it more) and we have ourselves a huge mess. Case in point, Jessica (sweet-green-tangerine) let me borrow one of her handy dandy sewing books.  She said they were simple directions on how to make a cute tote.  Right.  I managed to give it disappearing and not reappearing handles.  Yes, I am that awesome.  Needless to say, she now has the tote and promises to fix it for me.

                Maybe someday I’ll make my mother proud and actually do something with all those patterns she has passed on to me.  Until then, I will embrace my non-sewing "talents" and enjoy making other random things.


  1. Ha, I wonder if I have trouble with the sewing machine for the same reason? It just doesn't seem to work out for me...great blog, btw - love what you did with the table and chairs from Craig's List!

  2. haha thanks Alison! Hey, maybe we just march to (the beat of) a different drummer!?? Creative randomness is just more fun (imo) :P

  3. We make a great team :)

  4. Cutting out those little flimsy patterns is one of the most heinous jobs ever. I'm more of a staple gun, Stitch Witchery girl myself.


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