Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lovely Leg Warmers

Another Goodwill score. In the woman’s section, I found an unbelievably soft and adorable sweater. Pink and gray stripes, this was just screaming ‘Take Me and Make Me Yours!’ to me, but it was a size Small, which I am not. I look at the tag- 100% Cashmere, how could I resist? 

I brought it home and decided I would repurpose it and make my daughter, the ballerina, a set of leg warmers with the arms.  

Isn't she lovely? 
Step 1- Gently remove sleeves from sweater. I started out with a seam ripper, but ended up cut cutting them off. Because I did this, I need to make sure to stitch (or serge if you have one) at the cut to keep from fraying.

Step 2- Cutting the now legging to appropriate size to fit my 4 year old ballerina.

Ah, the perfect length!

Step 3- Stitching up the cut ends. Use a serger if you have one, but if not I just used a setting I thought would do the job...

Can you see it? So far it has kept them from unraveling. 

 This took me maybe 20 minutes to complete. Super easy!

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  1. Super Cute!! Nice Find :)
    Ive been making lots of legwarmers from women's socks for my little one... Will have to try a cute sweater!

    Glad you found me!... Off to go look around your cute blog!!

    Visit Me Back @ FabuLESSly Crafty!

  2. Brilliant! I love how leg warmers look on little girls!!! I just love this idea, thanks for sharing!


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