Tuesday, March 1, 2011

While I was away...

Oh. My. Gosh! Where do I start? I was only offline for two weeks. Could that really be possible, it felt like an eternity! So, first things first, I think most of you know that my hubs is in the military. Well we have found ourselves under orders. We will be packing up and moving in 5 short months. Boo-hoo. I do not want to leave my partner-in-crime, my mil-spouse-bff, my exact opposite in the most complementing ways, Jessica aka Miss SweetGreenTangerine

Secondly, I have been able to catch up on so much around my house while having to share my husband’s computer and not having the freedom to have one of my own at my disposal whenever the mood struck. It turned out to be a good thing :)

I bought this cute little tray from AC Moore a few weeks ago. (Used a 40% off coupon, of course)

I painted it up with some Valspar "Serenity"

 drew a little design on it on with a pencil

painted the design in with my forever favorite, "La Fonda Turquise" - aslo by Valspar

and finished it off with a couple coats of clear gloss. 

I’m pretty happy with the end result. I just need to get my hubby to use it to bring me breakfast in bed. Ah, a girl can dream, right? 

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  1. love the result- I have a similar tray at home and I think you have inspired me!

  2. I love the teal! I have two trays at home in need of a makeover. Thanks for the ideas!
    Jennifer B.

  3. Cute Idea! I really like it!


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