Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Accidents Hurt - Safety Doesn't

{Boo Boo's happen} Often. At least they do in my house with my rowdy kiddos. And for some stinkin reason, the band aids and neosporin are never where I  left them. Do you ever have this problem or am I the only disorganized one out here?

Using online printable 40% off coupons from: Michaels, AC Moore, & Jo-Anne Fabric & Crafts, I went to Michaels and bought 3 tin totes.  

Michaels requires you to make seperate purchaces in order to use all 3 coupons. 
No problem :-) 
[ yes, I am that annoying coupon toting 
chick at the craft store, sorry ] 

Saving money makes me smile   =-)

I needed 3 different first aid kits. 
1- to keep at home
2- to keep in the car
3- to keep handy for the doggy

The one with red ribbons is the home kit and the 
one with blue and green ribbons is the travel car kit.

[Back of home kit]

[Back of travel car kit]

Murph-man even has his own. 

I don't know about your dog, but mine have all been big babies and keeping Benadryl on hand is a must. We haven't had any issues with Murphy yet, but I keep some around just in case. Better safe than sorry.

This is the some things in my travel car kit:
Benadryl for kids or dog
Itch creme for bug bites
Bug Spray
Nail Clippers (you never know)
Alcohol Wipes
Band aids and Neosporin


  1. great idea! I love the simple white and red first aid graphic, and I have long had a thing for cute tin lunch boxes and that sort of thing. It is definitely smart to have a few of these around where they can be accessed wherever you are.

    I might need to do something similar for in my bathroom at my apartment. At the moment I don't even think I own a non-empty box of band-aids, which leads to cuts being wrapped with paper towels and scotch tape... probably I can only get away with that because I don't have kids!

  2. Right! Even with kids, I've had to improvise to many times to count. Seems like I am never prepared.. Plus who doesn't like a cute tin lunch box around? The only thing I wish I did different- I wish Michaels had a larger box when I got these. For the home kit I think it would be better to have a bigger kit to hold more necessities. Trial and error :)

  3. Very cute idea. I love Michaels 40% off coupons. I will take everyone I know with me to make separate purchases until I've bought everything I can see that I want. It's a great freaken store, even though I have no creative talent whatsoever.

    AS for lack of Bandaids, my kids must eat them, because we never have any either.

  4. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! I LOVE this idea!!!


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