Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hectic House Hunting

Embarking on a new journey.
Soon we will be moving away from our home of over 9 years (which is basically unheard of in the military) and moving over a thousand miles away. Thus far, we have mostly lived in post housing, but I am hell bent on having privacy. Privacy- just thinking 
about it makes me smile! Once and for all we are going to have our own place! 
I am so excited I could pee! .. but I wont :) 

Now comes the hard part. We will likely have to buy our houses 'site unseen' this scares the daylights out of me, but we will do what we have to do. 

Here are a few hopefuls  we are looking into:

House 1- 3b 2.5 bth. on a quiet cul-de-sac!
I like it alright, its kinda to "cookie cutter" for my taste, but its in a great area.

It was built in 1912
small, but charming and totally my style
I love this house so much I cant stand it, buuut it recently went UP in price, boo :(

House 3- Nice. Love the yard. Would buy it because of the kitchen & yard!!
ahhhh any advice?? 

Update- House #3 is currently 'under contract' - this makes me sad. Ugh, let the emotional roller coaster that is house hunting begin. I am genuinely sad about this news. I foolishly allowed myself to fall in love with this home.


  1. wow.... love them all!
    good luck with this BIG move, and BIG decision.
    that's soooooo exciting!


  2. Uhhhh, only good luck! That is soooo hard. Wishing you the best. You may hate me for this...but I am voting #1 based on pics.


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