Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Fruits and Veggies
Tangerine and Potato
Time flies and you don't get it back. Enjoy each moment.
Combine the two and you never know 
what the outcome will be, but its sure to be an eventful day.
The lead up-
The Tang's take on the day-

The *kid-free* day started with an agenda. 
Goal 1- Get SGT to get bangs!
Goal 2- Tattoo Shop!
Goal 3- Have a memorable day out with a good friend.
Done, Done, and Done. The day was a complete success. 
Acta non Verba.
 SGT rockin her new bangs as we are headed to the tattoo shop
 I seriously considered getting this little guy in honor of my brave little toaster car {love}
 My tattoo artist- Brian
 Acta non Verba y'all 
I ❤ Savannah

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