Saturday, June 18, 2011

Diamond in the Rough

Ok y'all, we are doing it. We are biting the bullet and made an offer on a house. Waiting for the paperwork to finish and inspections to start... Ahhh. Can we say stressful?! Oh, and did I mention that all this is being done WITHOUT either my husband or myself in the state that we are buying said house? Yea. We are clearly out of our mind.

Our future home has a bit of a homely appearance to it. I, on the other hand like to think of her as a Diamond in the Rough! Once everything is all said and done I will update with before and after pictures as well as tracking our progress on here. 

After all, PCSing is an adventure, right?! Go BIG or go Go BIG & make it your HOME.

HOOAH- ugh, did I just do that? Dang, time for sleep, I have shamed myself.

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