Thursday, July 7, 2011

things I never thought I'd be shopping for...

I want this! Who wouldn't? 
err My hubs. 
He has vetoed the zebra throne.

This is just one of the many odd things I have found myself pricing and shopping for in recent days. 

We are so close to closing on the house I can feel it in my bones!! 

Have I mentioned how excited I am to finally get a home of our own? Yes, well even more on that to come :-)


  1. Like they say..."whatever floats your boat" my sons would say...

    "whatever sinks your terd".

    Okay, many, many, many apologies for that bathroom humor. So very sincerely sorry...but ::cough:: ::cough:: we are talking about an animal printed toilet here!!!

  2. My first year out of dorms and in an apartment, I had an Elvis shrine in my bathroom. Elvis everywhere. Not sure why...


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