Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Up To ~ Tuesday

Miss Sweet Green Tangerine has started this awesome little tidbit for Tuesdays that I am joining this week. Learn more about her "Up To" here, its good stuff :)

Today I am Up To:

Listening To:
Now, I know this isn't a new soundtrack and I have listened to it a bazillion times before. We go through phases around here & when my little doll face daughter requests THE BEATLES
'Dear Prudence'  
(covered by Dana Fuchs, Joe Anderson, Jim Sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood)
how can I deny her?


I'm kinda embarrassed that I am not finished with this book yet.The World Series is on! Life gets in the way sometimes. ah, Shame on me. I'll finish it today!

Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

 Working On:
Well, I was working on using some old coffee cans as Halloween decorations,
but its not going to well. 
(thank you Pinterest)
This is what the end result should look like:

(thank you Pinterest)
Designs on the ceiling! 
Now I just have to work on getting rid of all that pesky popcorn ceiling crap.
Who the heck thought that gross stuff was a grand idea to begin with? I want to slap him-hard.

This living room. Love everything about it and we seriously need new furniture.


  1. Awww thanks for playing along! I love the ceiling design & I love that you were working on something from Pinterest...wait till you see my next post :P LOL

  2. Will it be titled : 'Damn You, Pinterest, for making every diy I ever dreamed of available to me & I hope you are enjoy all the hours I have logged on your site imagining all these creative things I can do.

    My family said they miss me.'


  3. hi there.

    i also spotted that ceiling on pinterest. totally works doesn't it?

  4. Oh man! Was this book as good as it sounds? Another one I've been dying to read!


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