Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogoversary = Eye Candy Celebration

Here is yet another little fact; I crush on some of the most random Hollywood actors. I am not the typical girl who swoons over icons like: 

Johnny Depp: OK, OK now there is no denying that fact that this is one attractive man, but… he’s just not one I’d crush over. Drool- sure; Crush- no. 



Brad Pitt:Known for his rugged good looks (PEOPLE named him Sexiest Man Alive twice)eh..


Ryan Reynolds: Yet another man named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine. Nice to look & a wee bit funny. Not bad. 


As for me, I like to go on the more unconventional route when picking my celeb crushes.

Jason Segel: Tall, talented, and freakin' FUNNY! Whats not to love?!


And this girl, this girl right here, She is my hero!

Paul Rudd:I first saw him in Clueless as Josh. He's also in Romeo+Juliet. Anchorman. Role Models. I Love You Man... Oh, the list goes on. "slappin da bass, man." ah, what a funny man.

Vince Vaughn: How can you not enjoy this 6'4 man?

I would have to say that my husband is a good mix between both Vince Vaughn & Jason Segel. He towers over me and makes me laugh continuously. 
(the hubs also reminds me of Shaggy)

And just one more crush of mine...

The one and only:

Peter Dinklage:  YES YES YES. This man stole my heart way back in 2003 with his break out role in The Station Agent. And I love that his last name is DINKLAGE!

Perhaps this was my own bloggy birthday gift to myself. I hope you enjoy the love, lust, and laughs. I know I have.

Ballistic Gypsy- Happy Birthday To You, my wonderful outlet.



  1. Oh that was fantastic! Happy Birthday!

  2. We were just talking about the last guy at my work yesterday and I was like "HE'S VERY HANDSOME" and nobody belived me that I meant it. But I did.

  3. totally agree on everything you just said...thanks for the eye candy for the day!

  4. Hahaha. love it. And I adore johnny depp! <3


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