Sunday, January 22, 2012

Clearly knows whats up!

Ballistic Gypsy - Clearly a better solution. (ha) 

Wait wait wait, I like this one too! hahah
Ballistic Gypsy for every need.(well, I don't know about every need...)

We do Ballistic Gypsy right. (oh do ya now?!)

yes, I am easily amused...


  1. You DO do Ballistic Gypsy right!

  2. Hahaha these are hilarious and awesome!!

  3. I loved it so much I decided to try it out!
    "The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher - the bigboy"
    Rude. So rude.

  4. I'm about to be! That's amazing!!! You seriously just made my night... oh dear! MY FRIDAY NIGHT! How odd... from staying out all night partying to staying in all night reading awesome blogs!

    x- Chickadette


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