Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gratitude * Liebster Award *

Awards are fun, even if I don't totally know what they are or what they are for. Either way, I thank you, Rachel, from
Swell and Stylish

So what is the Liebster award
Well, there is no definitive answer to that in any dictionary and vague descriptions in a google search. I've compiled that it's an award that you are given by someone else that says, "Hey, I like your blog and keep up the great work you're doing." It's a great way to discover new blogs and share the love.

Here's how it works once given a Liebster Award:
1.  Post the award on your blog.
Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
Choose 5 other blogs deserving of the Liebster.
List the bloggers you gave the award to with links back to their sites.
Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they've received the award.

Yay for finding new blogs! You can 
view Rachel's FIVE blog picks here.
Now to picking out FIVE blogs to pass 
this rad little award on to. hmm...
I think these ladies are pretty awesome 
and provide some fun reads. Hope y'all enjoy!


  1. You're welcome dear Becky! :) I'm off to check out your award nominations!

  2. Whaaat! What a nice surprise to wake up to :) Thanks!

  3. oh wow Becky, your header is LOVELY!! So sorry it took me so long to come & visit. I can tell by your taste in movies we have a lot in common, and by your post on manners that we would be great friends. Cant wait to check out these blogs


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