Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Long distance pain for a friend

I am going to start out with something serious. Something I hope to never experience and something that has caused a dear friend of mine so much pain in the last week. Here is her story. I encourage you to read it.

{Missing Child}   {Abducted}   {Runaway}   {Lost}   {Death}

Just the thought of one of those things happening to either of my babies makes me nauseous. I used Rains recent incident see above link and the latest CNN coverage of missing Madeleine McCann  as a sign. Together they were the wakeup call I needed to remind my kids what do to if someone tries to take them. And lets face it, we do not live in a perfect world. There are good people and there are bad people. We have to be ready for whatever comes our way.

Rains recent events have been a learning experience for myself and a huge fear for the future of parenting teens.Thankfully there was a happy ending to her story. The child is home. Now I hope that the family can recover from the pains and fears they experienced and be able to move on from this. 

I wish you and your family the best, my friend.
I was pricing tickets to Tacoma to help you search. I'm glad she has made her way back home. I have always wanted to go to Washington state, but I'm glad it doesn't have to be for reasons like this.

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  1. Glad she's home! I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. What a nightmare.


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