Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Revamping the old Life List

Isn't it funny how, at one point in your life, things that seem so important to experience can suddenly seem so unimportant just a few years later? I went back to look at the list that was created years and years ago and all the additions made throughout the past few years. I couldn't help but notice that the way I once saw things was no more. I see things completely differently now. Things that were once so unbelievably important for me to do in life are no longer, yet other things are even more important. Life lessons and maturing are to blame, I'm sure. Am I becoming a more responsible adult? Say it ain't so! I still want to do some of those things, but they no longer feel like a need.

A few additions made to the list were:

*Visit All 50 U.S. States ~  How can I appreciate other countries without truly experiencing and appreciating my own country & state? Unless we get orders to go over seas, odds are that I am not making it out of the U.S. any time soon. Might as well explore!
It looks like I have the lower half taken care of. Oklahoma will be marked off the list next month when the kids and I drive home to Missouri. Then California will be taken care of next summer/fall. We are planning a family vacation to the Legoland Resort & San Diego Sea World.


*Planting a minimum of five trees
*Vote in every presidential election throughout my entire life
* Finish my fricken BA then work towards my goal ~ my masters
*Write a children's book dedicated to my two kiddos
*Donate my hair to Locks of Love
*Go to a psychic or a medium ~ OK, Confession: I've actually attempted to visit a psychic a few times and it never worked out... hmm maybe its a sign? Maybe I'm not meant to hear what they have to say??
*Give a homeless person a wrapped gift ~ Everyone loves the excitement from unwrapping gifts! Perhaps Christmas time would be ideal for this.
*Hug a stranger ~ I'm actually sure I've done this, but sometimes people just need to be hugged. I need to start hugging. I used to be such an affectionate person. Always laughing and smiling and hugging someone. I think I grew out of it? I want to get this quality back. 

Do you have a list?
Have you felt the need to revise it lately?
Any suggestions?


  1. AnonymousMay 08, 2012

    I don't have a list but this is awesome and inspiring!
    There are a few of the same things I want to do and now I want to make a list! :) Good luck with them, they don't seem impossible, some might take some work, though! :)

  2. I like your list :)
    Can't believe we never saw a psychic.

  3. Im always adding things to my bucket list. I wish I had more crossed off my list than I do.

    You definitely have to visit Pikes Place in Seattle! But Im bias :p

  4. So true how our wants and "must dos" change as we get older. I haven't revisited my list in a while, and now I'm afraid to look at it. :-)


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