Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bzz zz zz said the busy bee


New to the blog: Product Review

Up To Tuesday: I love chiming my two cents in whenever I can (even if I have not been asked,) so I am STOKED to announce that I will start doing Product Reviews on here! *Happy Dance*

*Product Review Preview* First product up on the list is :COVERGIRL & Olay Luminous coverage for ageless, radiant looking skin. - Sounds snazzy, right? Plus, who doesn't love Ellen?

Once I get it in the mail, and try it out for a day or two, then I'll jump on here and blog-log it.

Standard Product Review Disclaimer... Unless explicitly stated, I have no affiliation or relationship with the supplier of a product being reviewed and my opinions are simply that, My Opinions. I'm not an expert at this (or well, anything) and other people's thoughts may differ from my own. I can't help it if theirs are wrong. ;)

Full disclosure, I am going through a site called BzzAgent. Every heard of it? I used to be involved on this site years and years ago, but stopped for whatever reason. A couple months ago, I saw a few friends post things on their Facebook pages and I was like 'Oh Yea!' totally forgot about them. So I signed up again. My user names is GypsyB. I wanted you to know all this before hand so you didn't think I went and got all spammy on ya, because seriously, thats not going to happen. So who wants to have a little fun with me?! Totally Free. If you're interested, send me your email address, and I will send you an invite :)

If you would like me to review one of your products just shoot me an email and we can discuss.


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