Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Feels so nice

As you may recall, I signed back up as a BzzAgent. I filled out my surveys, checked in regularly, and tried to keep my Bzz score high. Finally, I was emailed to participate in a few campaigns.  
Right On!
I love stuff!!

Last week my Covergirl & Olay products arrived. Aesthetically, are attractive. I love the swirly look to the foundation/base bottle and I’m a sucker for purple.

[Moment of truth] Time to try the product. 

Keep in mind that it has been years since I used Covergirl. I usually stick with Bareminerals or glo, which is another mineral makeup. I have not used liquid foundation since high school. 

Wow. What a difference. The Tone Rehab 2-in-1 was so much smoother than I had expected. It was light and covered all my revolting blemishes without using a concealer for acne. Then I topped it off with the pressed powder provided and voila! A work of art. The perfect base.

-you should probably ignore the pissy look on my face as i try 
to ignore the fifty plus questions coming from my daughter regarding why 
i keep stopping to take a picture of myself-

oh and what do we have here? A butt load of $2 off coupons! Email me if you want one and I'll try my best to get it in the mail to ya.

ahem. mini personal disclaimer (because I'm not a sell out)
Ballistic Gypsy does not pay nor receive any compensation for the reviews written. All reviews are from products sent free of charge and with no incentive to offer a favorable review. The only compensation that I ever receive is the use of the product that I review. 


  1. Yay Bzzagent! I didn't get this campaign. Probably just as well because I am really stuck on my Lancome duel finish powder and am not a big fan of liquid makeup. It has a tendency to settle in my deep forehead lines.

  2. Oooo! I am going to have to check out BzzAgent! Free, fun stuff is always good! Thanks for stopping by Boys Oh Boys! Look forward to reading your Bzz worthy posts! :)


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