Friday, September 14, 2012

Smelly Nelly?

As you probably know, I do product reviews from time to time.
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This week I received coupons (free) for
GLADE EXPRESSIONS Mist and Oil Diffuser to try out and review.


Oil Diffuser (Pineapple) Scent: Very strong the first couple of days. I placed this near our entryway, on a bookshelf.  By the next morning, I could smell it throughout the entire house! Over the next couple of days, it seems to have mellowed out a bit.

Appearance: Blends nicely in any type of room and with most decor.  I didn't expect to like the wood option that comes with the pineapple scent, but it really does look nice. 

Ease of Use: Easy Peasy. Remove the wooden sides, pop the oil diffuser in the center then put the sides back on. Place pretty much anywhere and walk away.

Fragrance Mist (Cotton and Mandarin) Scent: Fresh, clean scent. The spray feature makes it so that you can use as little or as much as you need.

Appearance: Not horrendous- pretty streamline. Colors are relatively neutral (white and blue for mine- which goes perfectly with my guest bathroom decor.)

 Ease of Use: I do love that it is a refillable cartridge, which cuts down on waste and price. Squeeze the sides instead of pushing down on the top as on most sprays.

Overall- I have had a positive experience with both products and I will be adding these to the list of things to send the Mr. in his care packages.


  1. Glade always has the best products that smell great. I want to look into this, it looks appealing and they usually always have a strong scent throughout the house!

    1. They sent TONS of coupons for $2 & $4 off. I'll give ya some!!


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