Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Name Game

Becky Becky bo Becky!  Banana fanna fo Fecky!  Fe fi mo Mecky!  BECKY!

Naming your unborn child can either be a lot of fun or incredibly stressful. We weren't quite sure what we were doing when we were naming our son, eight years ago. 

I knew I wanted him to have his fathers name as his middle name. Patrick. I love the name Patrick. We searched high and low for name ideas for a first name. I wanted Corbin & the Mr wanted Aidan. He liked Corbin alright, but his mind always went right to Corbin Dallas. Well, he won. No Corbin. (insert sad face here) It was our first child and a boy. He was to be my husbands namesake with the middle and last names being the same as his. I though I was doing the right thing by letting him have final say on a first name even tho I didn't completely LOVE it.  Aidan Patrick it is. 

I hate to say this, but both the Mr & I somewhat regret naming him Aidan. Little did we know about the whole Aidan, Hayden, Jayden, Brayden, Kayden CRAZE! ugh.

oh well. what can ya do? 
[you can learn learn from this]

For our second pregnancy, I was determined to have the last word on our daughters name. First, she was Danika Rose. She was called Dani Rose almost he entire time she was in my belly. We adored her & her new name. Until.... fricken Danica Patrick was all in the news towards the end of the pregnancy. With my husbands name being Patrick and our sons middle name being Patrick, we were asked DAILY if we were naming our daughter after Danica Patrick and everyone thought it was a grand idea to use Patrick as her middle name as well. 
Two Weeks before her due date and after a very long wait at the doctors office, we both came home and started talking about our thoughts on the name we had loved so dearly. He was asked three times earlier that day about the whole Danica Patrick connection and I was asked multiple times as well. We were done. We were over it. We wanted to distance ourselves from that name. But we had grown to love our Dani Rose. What were we to do?
I gave the hubs a list of a few names I was loving at the time. (I was on a short name kick)
Myra won. Since we couldn't stand to lose our Dani Rose, we went with Myra Danielle Rose. I have my Myra and he has his little Dani Rose. I am happy to report that her name fits her to a T. 

Sweet Green Tangerine is hosting her weekly Book.Chat and this weeks topis is Literary Names. 

Little fact about me. I was named after a literary character, or so the story goes...
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm   
and I've yet to read it. Oops. 

If I had it all to do over again and we were to pick a Lit Name, I'd go with Finn & Daisy. 

[Here are a few of my favorites]


PS- If I had a cat, I would totally name her KATNISS
(is a reference really needed here, I don't think so.)



  1. I love it! I always used to imagine naming my baby after a book character I loved, but I don't think my husband will go for it!

    1. Good luck with that! But take it from me, make sure you BOTH are in love with the name first!! :)

  2. Awww. Finn...I didn't even think of that one! That's a good one, but unfortunately it's already been tainted by someone's bratty kid with that name. Don't you hate that.
    I like Aidan. I remember when I was like 10, the two boy names I loved were Aidan and Colin. Back then, they were so rare. Aidan was probably after Aidan Quinn, because it's not inappropriate for a 10 year old to have a crush on a grown man, is it? just a little creepy
    And I personally think Myra is SOOOO Myra. I'll never see her as a Danika. I think there's more confidence & personality in the name Myra, and Myra is overflowing with both.
    Oh and that!

    1. I had to pull out the old baby book this morning just to find my list of girl names. I do love Nova. Myra, Nova, and Nora were my top three. Out of those, Pat chose Myra. Any of the three were totally fine by me.

      Aidan Quinn... love. I personally think the lame Aidan craze started with stupid Sex in the City. I never watched the show so I wasn't in the know.

  3. I'm drawn to old fashioned names but am not sure I'd ever go there. I love the idea of using literary names.

    P.S. Myra is a lovely name :-)

    1. One older name that I have always loved is Eileen, but it may be just a tab too classic...

      Thanks, Doll! :)

  4. I loved this! When we were expecting our baby we had a list of 3 girl names and only 1 boy name. My husband and I weren't sure on the girl names (Stella, Estella and Meryl) and when the name crossed our mind for our son, we knew it was the one instantly. We then were told we are pretty sure you're having a girl at 18 weeks so we decided to name our little girl Estella. Little did we know, that 20 weeks later our little Charleston was born. Things worked out perfectly! Our son's name has variations of Charles on both sides and my grandparents lived in Charleston, SC for years while my grandpa worked for NASA. They had their first child, my aunt in Charleston. It's also been one of our favorite cities in the US. I like the name Myra as well. :) Old fashioned names are my fave.

    1. I just LOVE Charleston, SC! We lived in Savannah, GA forever and would take mini road trips up there.. I honestly never thought of it as a child's name though. Brilliant. I adore it!

  5. I LOVE this post!!! And I absolutely adore the name Dani Rose. I will just add my own story here - the entire time I was pregnant (and knew I was having a girl), I had the name Layla Rain picked out. After being fought on it by everyone who resisted ("it sounds like a stripper"), I caved and went with second choice Talia Alexandra.
    As irony would have it, my now 16 year old daughter loves the name Layla Rain and wishes I would've stuck with it....a lesson in being true to our personal choices!

    1. you are so so right. But I gotta admit, I do love the name Talia.
      Has your Talia considered changing her name when she is older? I've actually known a few ladies to do that and are so much happier with their name change than their given name. Not sure how I'd feel if Myra did it, but to each their own I suppose.

  6. We are twins. I want to name my daughter Scout. But our last name is Byland. So the poor child would be teased endlessly... scout by land..... mmmhmmm.

    We like Aiden, too. Though it's rather common, you are right. And you did PERFECT with Myra. I love it!!!

    New follower. :) Glad your hubs found a new car!

    1. My little sisters are twins! Robbie and Bobbie... they are girls named after their father (Robert 'Bob')

      Congrats on your new JETTA!! Now we get to name our new toys :)
      Naming your cars isn't weird, right? lol I always do it...

  7. I love the name Finn. so great. I also love picking out names, I have a few favorites that I never tell people (even though I am not even close to being pregnant, but still) :)

    1. Keep those names secret! The hubs told a lady in his office that we had pick out Aidan Patrick. She went into labor a week later and had not picked a name yet, so the only thing she could think of (or so she told us) was Aidan Patrick. So she had an Aidan Patrick then 2 months later, so did we. But it was our name first! kwim?! lol Name Wars!!

  8. I love the name Holden :) It's been my favorite forever. Love me some Catcher in the Rye!

  9. Holden has been my favorite forever! :) I love me some Catcher in the Rye!


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