Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whew, what a week...

bits & pieces of the past 2 weeks.

  1. The Human Highlighter
  2. Pink and Glitter and Girly Stuff - heart cakes of Loooove
  3. Sleeping off her sleepover hangover
  4. No, you may not call your brother an ass, even if it is a donkey
  5. Getting so excited for The Great Gatsby to come out
  6. Mushy lovey dovey junk - with coordinating tattoos
  7. I burnt dinner and my hand 
  8. Monster Monday - bfc style
  9. ah, our weekend. Beer + guys deploying soon + CNN = LOTS of Heated Debates
  10. annnnnd.... Drunk Face Says Hiiiiii

other random thoughts:
  1. Why are there so many creepers on Craigslist?
  2. Am I really almost THIRTY-ONE?! wtf
  3. After these past few months hanging with pretty much only my hubs and his friends, I really miss girls. 
  4.  We have a maybe deployment date. No orders yet, so things can, and experience shows that it probably will, change twenty more times before the Day.
  5. It is impossible to keep a house clean where there are three men, two children, and one dog in it. IMPOSSIBLE! again... Jessica, where are you? I miss hanging out with girls.
  6. "Your mom goes to college" - Oh, this makes me laugh way to hard.
  7. This. I can't wait.
  8. Das B-Log needs a Make-Over! . . . .  Oh, what shall we do. . . .
  9. So many wedding DIY ideas for my little sis, just wish I was back home to help her.
  10. Damn, I'm getting old.


  1. Your mom goes to college made me laugh out loud.
    Girls weekend trip! Meet me in the middle. Austin? New Orleans?

  2. Your weekend looks like a lot of fun! Especially the beer and the tats. And I'm super excited for the Great Gatsby to come out too!!

    1. lol well, the weekends are rarely dull around here. :)

  3. "No, you may not call your brother an ass, even if it is a donkey" made me laugh. Very cute!
    That dinner wasn't burned...It was just cooked Cajun style.

    1. Ha! Cajun Style, I like that! :)


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