Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Money & Attitude

I was the person in our relationship to take care of all household finances. Was, being the key word. Admittedly, I have a bad habit of taking things the wrong way (almost always. I'm working on this) and lets just say that my hubs had asked too many questions about our accounts one day. I took it as him questioning my abilities and maybe I told him he could F himself and do it alone. Maybe.

Fast forward a year and a half and he is now deployed and I'm back at the budget stuff again. Now that I have the bad ass Mac I'm looking for an awesome app to help me keep track of everything. I'm still used to living on post and them automatically taking out our rent & utilities. I never realized how spoiled I had gotten. 
Do you use one of these apps to help you keep track of everything?

Deployment Tip:
  • Call your cell phone carrier and suspend your soldiers phone line. 
  • Also ask if you should lower your minutes now that you're the only one using them. (Between suspending my Mr's line and lowering my mins. I was able to knock $30 off my cell bill. SCORE!)
  • Soldier and Sailor Civil Relief Act info here
  • Deployment Checklist here


  1. Mint it pretty good. But I use Cash Box to keep track of my stuff (when I had control of paying my own bills). The Husband took over since well I suck at money. Those two apps helped when I did try to budget. ha!

    1. I'll look that one up, thanks Doll :)

  2. Unfortunately, neither of the adults in my household budget. It's a mess. So I should check those apps out and see if we can get our butts in gear, haha.

    1. We're horrible! I figure we better get it worked out before it gets bad.


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