Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh, Pinterest.

"Tie a baggy of vinegar around a shower head" ~  they say.

 "Leave it there over night"  ~ they say.

 "It will clean all the residue and lime away" ~ they say.

     {Putting Pinterest Tips/Tricks to the test}     

Since my shower head is so awkward, I ended up having to tape and tie the bag. 
I left it over night, I forgot about it and left it for probably about 10 hours, to be honest. 
Before doing this, the shower head was clogged and few holes worked properly. The water wasn't coming down in single streams like it should. It was all weird and wonky...

After spilling vinegar all over myself, I am happy to report that it worked like a smelly dream. 


  1. I've always wondered if that one worked. Cool!

    1. Totally does. I didnt do anything after I tool the bag off other than run hot water for a few minutes. Easy peasy! just the way I like my it.

  2. I might need to try this, although I think I'd be terrified to wash my hair afterwards!

  3. Awesome! Our shower heads are new but if and when they become clogged...because they all do eventually...I'll try this!

  4. Note to self: Stand away from vinegar spewing bag.

    PS- totally jealous of your shower head. One day we will leave Korea and have normal things again :D

    1. Ya know, I thought I would love it, but I just don't. They look nice and feel nice, but I like more water pressure when washing my hair.

  5. nice! mental note! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower :)


  6. weird trick, glad it works xxx
    please try and stop by my blog:

  7. awesome post :)
    I love it!


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