Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fusion Whirl Pinot Noir Wine Glasses (Set of 4) ~ A Review

The review that beats all other reviews.. An excuse to drink.

Last month, the Wine Enthusiast sent me : Fusion Whirl Pinot Noir Wine Glasses (Set of 4.)


Although I find the Fusion Whirl Pinot Noir Wine Glasses to be quite beautiful and elegant, I would personally save them for new company. Ya know, not the the wine-o friends you're used to getting wine drunk with, but the new company you may be pretending to be all classy for. 


The glass and stem are both thin. The best way I can think to describe them would be to say that they are delicate, elegant, and they leave a lasting impression. They are perfect for formal dining, comfortable to hold, and unique. - Did I mention dishwasher safe too?! Score. 





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