Saturday, October 5, 2013

Drunk Cake

Have you seen all the Drunk Barbie cakes on Pinterest? There are so many different variations out there. Some of which are cute, some are funny, and some are just gross. Personally, I wouldn't want a Barbie toilet on my cake, but thats just me.

Fun right? I mean really, I could make a Drunk Cake pretty much every weekend just for fun and take over to a friends house with a bottle of booze. If that doesn't set the mood of the evening I dont know what does.

Since I'm not much for Barbies I chose to go the Monster High route. Besides, its not like I'm going to keep the dolls. My daughter has a massive MH collection with ZERO Barbies to her name. She was more that willing to keep the dolls when we were done. Parenting done right?

By using Monster High dolls, it can easily be turned into an awesome Halloween party cake too! 

Now for my version of the Drunk Cake:

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