Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fancy Tea Party

My darling diva daughter adores Fancy Nancy, who could blame her right?

For her 3rd birthday we hosted a Fancy Tea Party! It was great...
I mean, the tea party was so spectacular & totally posh(ish.)

For weeks I raided the local Goodwill's and thrift shops.
I was able to find lots of interesting china for the kiddos to use.
Tea cups ran about 69 cents a piece and the saucers were were about 59 cents a piece.
The prefect price for kids ages 3-7 yrs old to use! 
No hard feelings when the inevitable happens.

All fancied up.

The darling daughter was ecstatic. Jessica (from Sweet Green Tangerine) and I made all the little posh princesses star wands with their initials to complete their fancy tea time attire.

I also had flowers and fancy embellishments available for the girls to decorate their fancy chapeau's. Their ensembles were absolutely dazzling!
(picked up the white plain jane hates from Target in the $1 bins after Easter)

Scoop soft ice cream into a cupcake pan with the cupcake liners already in
place, and sit the ice cream back into the freezer until it hardens.
When you pop the ice cream out of the liners you have perfectly shaped individual
fancy ice creams ready to serve.
A swirl of chocolate + a cherry = perfection!

No tea cups were harmed in the making of this tea party.


  1. This is adorable! I love the idea of the ice cream, too! Makes me hope my next one's a girl so I can do cute pink GIRLY stuff with her!

  2. Awe congrats Lauren! I had a boy 1st so I was sooo excited for all the pink when we had her. Best of both worlds :)

  3. Can you throw *me* a birthday party? Puhlease? You are just so crafty talented and creative.

  4. haha any time, my dear!! :-)


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