Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

{Awkward and Awesome: I am #179}

Last week, Ms Sweet Green Tangerine played a game on The Daybook called Awkward and Awesome Thursday. This week, I thought I'd play along :)


- I forgot about my sons school party I was suppose to help out with, sent a teddy bear to school with him for a project on Friday, turns out I was a day late- and I also showed up 2 hrs late to one of his classmates birthday party. All this took place in the SAME week. Yes, I was That mom

-Turning something my 6 yr old son said into a ‘Your Mom’ joke totally backfires when You’re the mom!

-Having a brutally honest daughter who, when in pubic, has no problem telling people if they have body odor, look stupid, or just plain in her way. She is 4 and sassy spirited.

-Getting calls from my sons 1st grade teacher to learn that he is in trouble for teasing a boy by saying the kid was wearing “girl panties with hearts on them”… Oh boy, that was a fun phone call.


-Listening to my daughter sing her made up songs titled “I love My Mom”

-Receiving spontaneous hugs from my kiddos

-Accomplishing something I didn’t think I could.

-Snopes. I love looking up things on & finding the occasional true Snope :)

-Good finds at thrift shops = Awesome!!

-Logging on to my blogger to see New Comments and New Followers! - It totally makes my day!!


  1. Awkward and awesome Thursdays are the best! Haha how fun! Love yours! Cute blog, cant wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

  2. Don't worry, we all have "that mom" moments. lol love your list :)

  3. Spirited (sassy) I love that! haha

  4. hehe Thanks for the *awesome* comments! The 4yr old is ... something else. lol

    and becoming That Mom, at least once, is inevitable.


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