Monday, February 14, 2011

a note from the Hubs computer-

Hello, Manic Monday!!

Sadly, yesterday, I had to drop my lovely computer off with the geeks at the handy dandy Geek Squad HQ, for some minor repairs. External only, internally, she still runs like a champ. Hopefully my beloved wont be gone long.

Apparently is it NOT a good idea to use the hose of a vacuum to get the gunky dust stuff out of the keyboard.
I repeat, DO NOT vacuum your keyboard, ever! Who knew? Those Dysons really have some major suckage going on...
I'm sorry, sweet computer, I will never abuse you like that again. - and before I forget, I apologize in advance for my lack of posts in the next week or so. However, I have been using my time wisely and tapping into my crafty side and taking pics... LOTS of posts to come :) 


  1. I'm assuming it was a laptop?

    Ugh! Hate Geek Squad! Of course, I am an IT person and have my own little repair business in my community (do quite nicely if I do say so myself), so I guess I would hate the "competition".

    Sorry you had problems!

  2. Ugh, if we lived in the same area, I'd go hijack my computer back and take it right to you!! I have until May of this month for my warranty, gotta use it or lose it :/

    Oddly, my battery had like melted itself to my computer...?? weird! (forgot to add that to original post)

    O, and I gotta ask, Miss IT, are you a MAC girl?


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