Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you to my fabulous partner in crime, 
Thanks Jess for including me on the 
Stylish Blogger Award! 

How cool is that? Especially with all the heartache I had this week with my blog being highly uncooperative with  any changes I tried to make with it.I guess I showed it, huh?

I have to post 7 things about myself that you probably don't know. Then, I get to pick 15 other stylish bloggers to share the award with. 

 Let the games begin...

About me:

1. I totter back and forth between being grimly 
rational and painfully superstitious. 
I periodically knock on wood, look for signs 
& omens, and even (occasionally) secretly 
read my horoscope. I find that my level of 
superstitious-ness increases in direct 
proportion to my powerlessness in 
many situations I am faced with in 
this ever so exciting life.

  2. I love gray, rainy, windy, stormy, 
drizzly, foggy cold weather. 
I like to dress in warm clothes, 
scarfs, mittens, sweaters etc. 
I like to get 
cold because then I can come inside &
warm up. I may complain, oh I will 
complain, but I still find it to be quite 
exhilarating! I never feel more alive 
than I do after being exposed 
to some frosty, windy elements. 

3. I don't like SUVs, but I drive one. 
I bought it because I needed the space & for the 
safety features. When the kids are older 
and the space is no longer needed, 
my dream car is a mini cooper. 

 4. I Love stupid, random, simple jokes. 
They make me laugh. Seeing the looks on other 
people’s face when I laugh only makes 
me laugh harder. It’s a win win situation, really.
If corn oil is made from corn, and olive oil is made from olives, 
what is baby oil made of?

5.  I hate when people over generalize. 
Is that an over generalization?

6. I have written the first page of three books, 
but the second page of none. 

7. My high school was located on 
Historic Rout 66. 
It is hard to grasp how cool that is when you 
live in that tiny town where nothing 
happens, but looking back, 
I’m proud.That place helped 
make me who I am today.

Now onto 15 blogs I Love.
(in no particular order, of course)


  1. Thank you so much for this award!! This makes my day!

  2. You totally deserve it Alison, I {heart} your blog!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. New Follower Here! :-)

    I just got this award too - just haven't posted it yet. I found it tough to come up with 7 things about myself.

  5. Hi Becky - Thank you so much for including me in your list. I am delighted, thrilled and greatly appreciate it! XOXO Stephanie Lynn


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