Thursday, March 31, 2011

Acta Non Verba

The tag line for this blog is “and other odd things I like” it’s not “hey, look what I can do” I think I forgot that when I jumped on the crafty bandwagon. Who could blame me though; making things is so much fun and ridiculously addictive. And I don’t want to brag, but I have been told that I am quite badass with a hot glue gun.  Pretty much, I just want to clarify what my blog is about. Random shit. There will be days where I don my crafty hat, my mommy hat, my crazed army wife hat and hopefully, soon, a roller derby helmet. (Much more derby talk to come)

You know that song by Ozzy ‘Going Through changes’ ? That seems to be my theme song at the moment (minus the part about losing my woman). It’s not that I am just now going through changes, but that I am always changing, as I’m sure most of you are as well.
Ms. S.G.T said it best when she said, “going through life one identity crisis at a time.”  Boy, she sure hit that nail on the head. 

Part of my ‘change’ and my new lease on life-my New Year’s resolution. Acta Non Verba (this will be tattooed on me asap). Acta non verba is Latin meaning Actions Not Words. This year I vow to face my fears and stop talking about what I want to do in life. I’m just going to get off my ass and DO THEM. Roller Derby is one of those fears/dreams. Always wanted to do it, but never had the guts. Screw that, that’s no way to live. That’s not how I want my kids to live. Thus, I am totally proud to say that I just ordered my first pair of derby skates, a rad pair of Riedell’s (oooo yea) 
 and I have my awesome new mouth guard and case from Protech Dent. I need to get my helmet and pads and get by butt out there! I have also joined the gym. I’ve been working out about 4 days a week to prepare myself for the beatings I’m going to get once I am able to find a league and skate with them. I gotta say, from working out I have found a new level of self confidence that I didn’t have before. Overall, I am happy with life right now. Yea, I said it. Happy happy, joy joy! :)

We are moving soon, and I hope where we move to has a derby league, but that is part of being a military spouse. We reluctantly gladly postpone our wants for the needs of our family and move where we are told to move.  We are going to one of two places. Place A- I have already contacted the roller derby league and will be going to practice within the first couple of weeks of moving. This makes me happy! Or Place B- Where there are no leagues for at least 100 miles and we will be out in the middle of nowhere. This makes me sad, but happy because it would mean my husband could be with us longer instead of bi-yearly deployments A- I have the option to accomplish a goal, but he leaves. Or B- My wants are put on hold and he stays.  Ah, it’s the lovely catch 22.


  1. The joys of a military life. When Clay was up for orders the monitor offered him Twentynine Palms or Virginia Beach. 29 is in the middle of no where and it take 30 min to get to walmart (been there, done that was too poor to buy the shirt) but its a non deployable unit. Virginia Beach is a huge city with tones of amenities and things to do as a family but its a reserve unit which means he was to work the one weekend a month right along with the reservists and when they do their 2 weeks out of the summer he has to go out to Yuma,az a week prior to set up and stay a week after to tear down and its a deployable unit.

    We choose Virginia Beach because it was something new and different (had to break the nasty cycle of bouncing between Beaufort,Sc and 29,Ca) and because it was at least on the same side of the country as our family.

  2. YOU are my hero & continue to inspire me every day.
    Listen to this girl, people! She's truly awesome.


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