Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Silhouette envy?

Silhouette envy?  Yea, you’re not alone. I want one so bad I could throw one hellova hissy fitting temper tantrum and not think twice about it.   
It’s just a shame that I’m too cheap to buy 
one right now with a PCS move looming in the very near future. 

A crafty friend of mine did this just this morning!  I instantly fell in love and begged her to allow me to share. How could she turn down a grown woman groveling? 
She couldn’t. :-) And for that, we should all thank her. THANK YOU TASH!!! 

A quick run down from Tash about what she did:
 "I pretty much followed it step by step, that freezer paper trick is the best thing I've heard of!!! and I just used acrylic paint..I took pics of them this morning, photo-shopped them a little like adding in the dandelion, silhouetted them made the background white, and used freezer paper to make a stencil where i cut my finger with the x-acto knife LOL 
ironed the freezer paper on the pillow before I filled it I painted it on, filled it up and sewed it shut."

Gaah, aren't these gorgeous?! 
Don't you want to make one too? 
If so:
 Her inspiration and step by step tutorial came from here.

Thank You Tash- you did a fan-freakin-tabulous job!! xoxo 


  1. Thanks for the link back!

  2. Those are awesome! I have been envious of those fancy machines too, but I think it is far cooler to say you made them completely from scratch! (Kind of like walking uphill 10 miles to school each day... in the snow!).

  3. I love this, it's so crafty!! Great work to TASH!!

  4. you're too sweet Becky!! thanks :)


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