Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dolls Day

 Ooot Ooot Girls Day

Totally looking forward to a day out
tomorrow with Miss Sweet Green Tangerine!
And a huge thank you to, Memaw (SGT's mom) for allowing our *Doll Day* to happen :)

Plans for tomorrow:
  • Leave Doll Face with Memaw (she's not Army issued, but she should be)
  • Try to get SGT to get her bangs cut. More on that here.
  • Go downtown for a mini photo shoot
  • In honor of Cinco De Mayo - Have a big ol' Margarita (or ten)


  1. sounds fun... wish i could join you crazy ladies! if you happen to make a pit stop in Kansas City... lemme know!

  2. hey now, I'm from Missouri. We're practically cousins! :P


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