Monday, September 19, 2011

The Avitable Pledge

I found the pledge here at mrsflams blog.

my pledge, will you make it too?

I am proud to have higher brain functions.  I will apply critical thinking and react with clear thought when I am faced with unknown, stressful or difficult situations.

I pledge to view ignorance and anonymity as weaknesses.  Those who wield those traits as weapons are to be pitied but they have earned whatever punishment occurs. They do not deserve our sympathy or respect.

I believe that there is no situation that cannot be approached with a sense of humor. That said, each person has at least one thing that they will never find funny or appreciate, and that’s okay.

I stand up against bullying and harassment in all its forms.  I will not shy away from calling out bullies and harassers in public forums, and I will not tacitly support their actions by remaining silent.

I refuse to apply any standards to others that I will not apply to myself.  Only by striving to be the best can I expect that from any other person.

I want to see your point of view.  Putting myself in your shoes can be difficult, but I will try my hardest to realize that my perspective is rarely objective.

I affirm that I will be honest with you and trust you at your word.  If at all possible I will avoid lying and omitting truths.  There is never a good reason to lie and there are hundreds of reasons not to.  If you lie to me and betray that trust, that’s not my fault.

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  1. I love this...words to live by for sure! Came over from the Artsy Girl Connection...still perusing!


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