Tuesday, September 20, 2011


In general, when I hear someone chant the words “Oh, are you having a case of the Mondays?” I naturally want to claw my eyes out. Yesterday, however, I fear I was undeniably having a “Case of the Mondays”. Forgive me for using that expression, as I am instantly remorseful. 

6:00 am – hit the snooze 6:15 am – hit the snooze again … this carried on until 7:00 am when I finally rolled out of bed and attempted to wake my offspring. Got Redd off to school then had to follow the Mr. to an auto body place to fix the paint job on his classic 69 Mustang Gt. Auto body shop #1 rejected us because they only work on cars 2000 or newer. Auto body shop #2 was a go, but we got crazy lost on the way there. [Keep in mind we are still new to this city.]Now it is about 11:00 am and I have to leave him to take Dollface to school. No sooner do I pull into the parking lot, I get a call from the Mr; the car is smoking and he is stranded on the side of the road. Lovely. Call a tow truck; he will be home in an hour. I go home to check on our great dane [big baby Murphy] to find that he had WAY too much fun in the few hours we were gone…

I would like to say that this was the end of the Monday curse, but it was not. I ended up at the doctors’ office for several hours putting an end to my manic Monday at 7:30 pm. Ah, all in a day’s work. 

Tuesday, I welcome you with open arms.  Please be kind.


  1. Oh no! Sorry u had a bad day. However...on a funny side note...Jude and Murph are still on the same wavelength. We have to keep him away from toilet paper too. Brothers. Sigh.

  2. Those silly boys! Gotta love em ♥

  3. I have a boxer and over the past 13 years have had the pleasure of having 5 total .... I know all about ripped up shit at 7am.

    Love your blog!

  4. Too funny! Our cats do the same thing with the toilet paper from time to time and it's ALWAYS on days like you describe. HOW they know that that's the day to do it I will never know LOL.
    Saying hi from the Bloggy Moms Hop!


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