Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hangover

Yesterday was a marathon from sunrise to sundown.. and beyond. There were Ghouls and Goblins and Spooky overload. 

I absolutely loved walking around my neighborhood with the gang and seeing the kids dressed to the nines. Some of these parents go all out whereas others need to put a little more fabric on their daughters, but that's just my opinion.  On a lighter note, I felt as tho walking around to each house gave me a chance to see a different side of some of my neighbors. I think Halloween is the perfect time to see what some of the people on your block are really like. For example, walking up to a house across from mine, I found the wife/mom sitting there on her front porch with a travel coffee mug- full of an alcoholic beverage. Now some of you may want to turn and run, but as for me, I now know her & I are going to get a long just fine. :) 

Today, I am exhausted. 

Anyone else feel like they are suffering from a sever Halloween Hangover? ... and me without my coffee. Oh this is going to be a long day. 
Here are some pictures of my chaos family.

Her RED-Retrofuturist lips was mentioned previously here

This witch has never met a camera she didn't like. I guess that's my fault.

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  1. It looks like the kids had a good time! Halloween hasn't caught on here in NZ. Some kids try, but don't have much success.

  2. Your kids [& furbaby] are adorable! I didn't get to pass candy out this year, but I did love seeing the kiddos that walked about. It's funny to see some of the characters from my childhood making a come back.

  3. Your little girl has such a cute attitude!! LOVE IT! And your dog is pretty big. I have a half mastiff half german shepherd. Gotta love big dogs :)

  4. Love the costumes! Adorable. And LOVE your doggie. We had a mantle dane named Bella :)

    No coffee??? Don't think I'd survive!

  5. too cute!!! :) come link your lovely pics with me too whenever u can..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
    New: Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

  6. They are too cute! I love the dog getting into the picture too.

  7. Your daughter seems hard core for being so little. Love it though. Great personality! Good pictures !

  8. I had a massive Halloween Hangover and I too enjoy seeing my neighbors on Halloween. I learned a lot about them as I observed their reaction to me dressed as Medusa.

    Man, people really are afraid of a powerful woman with snakes coming out of her head.


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