Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Word[less] Wednesday

This is Murphy, our mantle great dane, age 15 months.
if you are interested in adding to your family, check out your local great dane rescue. These big guys have lots of love to give and are as gentile as a baby, but not very graceful... you've been warned. 
Open your heart & home to a dane and you will not regret it.

Check here, here, and here.

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  1. My husband & I want a great dane so badly, but right now with our 2 pups we don't have the room for one. I love how they are far from dainty, but they are super sweet.

    Your furbaby is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Pocky-- Thanks! :) You should totally get one!... when you can. Surprisingly, they don't take up that much room. He is currently balled up on the couch taking his morning nap. lol You have to let me know when/if you get one!

  3. What a sweetie!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. OH MY GOSH!
    He's too cute! We have a Black Lab crossed with Coon Hound, he is SO large and gets into so much trouble, but when we move we want to get more dogs (because we will have the space), a Great Dane is on my list of dogs I'd love to own! I always thought our dog was huge until a Great Dane stood beside him. lol.

    I totally agree with adopting/saving dogs, we will be doing that instead of buying a dog.

  5. I love Great Danes. If we ever have a bigger house or more land one day, we are definitely discussing getting one.

  6. aww, so sweet. i watched a show on great danes, 11 Dogs i think, and learnt what gentle giants they are.

  7. What a sweet guy! We've always wanted a Great Dane. Great idea about checking out a rescue!


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