Thursday, November 10, 2011

Handy Dandy

I used to consider myself a fairly creative, outside the box, thinker.  Since the popularity of Pinterest, I find myself in a constant state of ‘why didn’t I think of that’. Well, without going on The Pin first, to see how many other people do this, I am going to add my own little handy dandy tip of the day. 

Ya know all that gross excess grease you end up with after cooking some things, especially bacon?! And we all know pouring grease and/or cooking oil down the drain is a HUGE no-no, right?! Wouldn’t want to cost yourself tons of cash when the pipelines get backed up causing both health and environmental hazards!! 
So here's what I do:
 I reuse a tub that ice cream came in as my spill safe zone and an old jar with a lid for the grossness. 

…and if you wanna get all bedazzled about it, you can pretty it up, take a picture, and post it to Pinterest. Personally, I’m not wasting my craft supplies on it

((please pay no mind to under my sink. this house is a DIY in progress!))

 I would also like to add, after seeing how much grease bacon produces, I no longer eat it. G-R-R-R-O-S-S!


  1. yep, that's what i do. just pour it into old jars.

    i bet someone out there has thought up something amazing to do with the stored grease. lol

  2. we do the same thing. when I was growing up we went through a TON of the ice cream buckets (dad was a big ice cream fan) and my parents always saved these and used them for all kinds of things. To store little toys in, catch drips from leaks, sick buckets that you didn't feel bad about just tossing in the trash...

    When I was in kindergarten they donated a bunch to my teacher to store class room items such as toys and supplies.

  3. Aren't they handy, Andrea?! I love em. My house is kinda ice cream crazy too so I always try to buy this kind so I can reuse the container :)

  4. I try to remember to use an old can from vegetables or something like that...or even a glass. But, it's still so icky to think about!

  5. Brilliant! Totally gonna use this one...

    and hell, Pin it anyway! just throw some glitter on the counter


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