Friday, November 4, 2011

☼ ☼ ☼

This weekend I am going to try to:

Finish reading Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
Search for fabric for my kitchen. 
I need curtains in a bad way and not just anything will do.

If I could thrift something like the ones shown 
below, I'd be a happy girl.
Odds are that I will have to order. I hate buying new. Don't you? 
Thrift stores have spoiled me & my budget :)

How do you like these colors?

Color My World

 (btw: my husband totally hates these, lol he prefers the 
stagnate 'grandma' approach to decorating) 

I suppose we will also hit the dog park or take the gang for a hike
I would much rather hiking.
There is something about a dog park that 
I dislike...a lot. 

Whats on your agenda for this weekend?


  1. Loving all the fabrics, esp. the second one. I am some groovy psychedelic wallpaper as a kid, and I still love loud colors and patterns.

    Found your blog via Bohemian Twilight - so glad I did!


  2. I say the house should be made a home by the woman. Women are the heart of the home so take his Grandma fabrics and dump them.

    : ) tee hee hee.

  3. ^^ I knew I liked you, now I'm sure of it! I told him he can have the bedroom...mostly....with my approval :)

  4. Wow, giving away the bedroom. How generous of you. I gave the husband his office and we converted an extra bedroom into a man cave with a futon for sleep over guests. The rest of the house IS MINE MUAHAHHAHAHAHAAHA!

  5. Do all of the major decorating during deployments. They might bitch about it a little when they come back, but do you really think they'll go out to buy & replace the curtains...probably not. How do you think I got a way with my dining room curtains? LOL Love those patterns, btw.

  6. i love that first print. although i love colour and print, i need a rest for my eyes, i balance this with neutral backdrops. i could live with such curtains on such.

    husbands have no real say in decor. yes, total sexism. lol
    mine was given the utility room, a little corner where he keeps his tools. :D


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