Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3.5 months, not bad

Do you remember me talking about 'The Great American Apparel Diet' a few months back? No? Here's a quick recap: 
           In my post 'Simplify' I vowed NOT to buy any new clothing for six months. TGAAD is actually intended to last for 12 months. I started out small. Baby-steps. Once I make it to my 6 month mark, I believe I will continue on for the remaining 6 months.  So this whole Apparel Diet thing sounds like an easy thing, right? It wasn't at first. It is hard to brake a habit of any kind. I am just barely over half way to my mini goal. I have not bought one single thing. Sadly, this truly amazes me. I really thought I would of had a harder time with this 'diet' because, like many of us out there, Retail Therapy is a go-to stress reliever. Plus, its fun. Instant gratification.
This diet, challenge, vow, or whatever label you want to call it as, has made me change the way I think and behave. I no longer stand in my closet, disgusted with what I own, thinking 'ah, I need a new top', or 'these jeans are just not doin' it for me, I need to get a new pair.'   NEED.   I do not NEED anything new. I do not NEED for anything, but the necessities.

I have reevaluated my belongings. I have forced myself into playing around with what I own. Accessories are key. I am even revamping a few older things here and there. Pinterest, the root to all things crafty, has a ton of ideas listed in case your brain starts to freeze up. Like mine does. Often. Too Often.

Cue instant ideas, yay!

Care to join me? If so, come back and share your link. I would love to follow along. 

note:  winning things (like this) from blog giveaways are totally ok ;)


  1. excellent progress.

    my achilles heel is books. i have done very well in cutting right back. the difficult h=thing is that if it's a non-fiction (like information) i do 'need' it. But my fiction has all come from wnd-hand or free in the last 2 years.

    anyway, loving that shirt apron!

  2. Since having kids I rarely buy clothing for myself. In fact at the beginning of summer my parents gave me 150 and told me i HAD to buy myself some new clothes. I am in serious need of new winter clothing. I own one pair of jeans and one pair of brown dressyish pants, three long sleeve shirts and one sweater. We only go HAVE to go somewhere on Tuesdays and Thursdays when David has speech therapy so I just wash it all in between and I swap my jeans for jammy/lounge pants as soon as we get home so those can go a few days between washings as long as I dont get anything on them.

  3. Oh, I so need to go clothes shopping! Since starting my new job I noticed how few "good" items I actually have! haha
    Hugs xxx


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