Saturday, December 17, 2011

Heads Up

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

I sincerely hope that none of you has the misfortune of 
being in the midst of crazy Christmas shoppers today. 


((Exciting News))

I will be posting at ThatArtsyGirl Connection for her
‘12 hours of Christmas Cheer’ photo project.
It will be 12 hours straight, 12 guests, and 12 Christmas features
and sure to be a good time!

I am participating in Sweet Green Tangerines 
‘Favorite of 2011’ to ring in the New Year.
Be sure to check it out! [Posting date: 12/30/2011]



  1. I had to go get new tags for my car and to Target, and sadly the BMV was way more enjoyable than Target was. I was kind of afraid to look at people the wrong way - they just seemed out for blood!

  2. Shoppers are crazy this time of year! stay safe my friend, stay safe...

  3. i haven't gone christmas shopping yet, so i haven't seen how the shopping crowd is


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