Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh Husband...

I had every intention on writing this up and posting it yesterday, but seeing how I'm a massive slacker, I did not. So here it goes; a day late. 

In Honor of my hubs, for his Birthday

You are the book to my library
You are the cherry to my Pepsi
You are the sock to my monkey
You are the < to my 3
You are the CPU to my computer
You are the Fire to my Fox
You are the tacky to my all things wacky
You are the server to my website
You are the hot glue to my gun
You are the Wiki to my Pedia

Happy Birthday, Old Man. 


  1. That made me laugh. What about the modge to your podge or the Miller to your Light. LOL Miss you guys.

  2. Jessica, You are the Blue to my Moon :) lol We miss you guys too!


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