Thursday, February 16, 2012


Is this why people buy iPhones? 
I was a Droid girl for way to long, apparently. This is like the best shnit ever. = love. Who knew? I have always been an avid camera clicker both on phone and with the mac-daddy camera, but this whole iPhone-Photography thing has me a tad speechless. (ha, as if I'm ever speechless)
If you instagram, my name is bgbecky. xoxo

This is my new toy (thanks babe), I know, I went old school with the white, but I like it best. To each their own.

Now ya know you cant have a post about instagram without an instagram picture, right.
<--Flowers from my Dollface


  1. Isn't Instagram just amazing?! I wanted the iPhone for so many other reasons but this one was definitely at the top of the list.

  2. don't androids do similar stuff?
    i'm still in the dark ages but will have an android by this evening. woohoo

    1. I did enjoy my Android and there are a lot of amazing apps available, but as of now, Instagram is for apple only. I believe that is about to change tho. Congrats on the new phone :)

  3. He he, I'm still a Tracfone kind of girl, so no Instagram for me... but I have to admit the types of photos I see coming from them are starting to grow on me.

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  5. Love Instagram too. Followed your feed. Been using it to quickly edit photos and send to my twitter and FB feed.

  6. aww what a kickass gift!! I haven't jumped on the iphone bandwagon yet but it is veryyy temping!


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