Monday, February 6, 2012

Manic Monday Music

As I am in the midst of getting kids up, ready and off to school, I have the music BLASTING before I'm off for a lovely doctors appointment, blah. I'm in need of an intervention, I admit it. I truly think I need help. I am head over heels completely and madly in love with the music that Mr. Jack White is part of. I mourn the loss of The White Stripes; I guess Meg & Jack White just we're meant to be. Love can be such a fickle thing. At least he has not stopped making music. Check out the 13 Best Jack White Collaborations [here]

The way this man can manipulate guitar strings- Amazing.
Now, Drop what you're doing & listen to Jack White's new track Love Interruption from his debut solo album 'Blunderbuss'.

And I want love to, change my friends to enemies, change my friends to enemies Show me how it's all my fault.
hmm is this a dig at ex-wife, Meg White?
Random fact: Jack took Meg Whites last name when they were married. Now, if that's not love, I don't know what is. 

I need more. More. MORE!


  1. Yes, I too am obsessed with this song. And why did I always think they were brother & sister?? He has a creepy, Johnny Depp sexiness about him. I like it. lol

    1. Ok, I'm letting my obsessive stalker side show here, BUUUUT he actually met her in a bar and taught her how to play the drums. He left the basement band he was in to start The White Stripes with her. He said something like he didn't want their relationship to get in the way of the music so he would lead the press on to believe they were brother & sister when in reality they were married. He said something along the lines of... if their fans thought they were brother and sister then they wouldn't never give the relationship between them a second thought. Smart, but it didnt last.

    2. Clever. A little creepy, but clever. LOL


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