Saturday, February 11, 2012


Its that time AGAIN! Spotlight Spotlight Spotlight.

Today we shall spotlight my favorite Welch pixie.  The one and only Polly from This Enchanted Pixie. She is a doll with a creative soul. You should check out check out her shop, you wont be sorry. Go show her some love and warm her sweet heard, we all know how cold it is over there right now. Poor thing. Polly- I'd trade you my desert climate for yours if I could. xoxo

  • Do you ever count your steps while walking? sometimes. i kinda like things to be symmetrical, so sometimes i’ll count to make sure each leg gets to take the same amount as the other – is that weird?!
  • What is your favorite four legged creature and why? Horses. I grew up riding, from being a tiny tot, I used to compete when I was younger too – infact i was tipped to be a professional horse rider when I grew up. But then my teens came... and i discovered the joys of partying. oops!
  • Say you had to change your name, what would you change it to? actually, I already have. I was born ‘Elizabeth’ and I always HATED it. No real reason why, just it never felt like me. My lifelong nickname of Polly always stuck, so a few years back I changed it legally.
  • Do you enjoy rainy days or snowy days more? rainy days – so long as I can be snuggled inside on the sofa, with a good book or a musical to watch.
  • What are three things on your "bucket list"? Emigrate. Play Roller Derby. Swim in the Dead Sea.


  1. I count my steps sometimes but only in fives.


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