Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today, I am determined. 
I will do something. 
I will do more than one something. 
I will finish each project I start.

Confession: I'm posting this from my Draft's. 
I didn't even finish the blog post last night. Whoops! 
Oh, and my 'Pinteresting Canvas Art' is not complete either.
I'll finish it up today and post my results. So far, I have a few Pinterest Fails under my belt and no real success stories.

Lookie what I got! A complete color chart thingy from Behr. How awesome is this?!

Flowerpot Makeover:
$1.98 flowerpot from Lowes
$3 scrapbook rub-on's from Michael's
Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Clear Gloss Finish from Wal-Mart

Disclaimer: I can not vouch for the longevity of this little DIY, but I will update this post when/if they start to come off. So far so good.  
 This damn thing both infuriated me and completely grossed me out. I did learn, however, that the next time I buy a house (if there is a next time) I will require the previous owners to remove their own black garbage disposal thingy because holy freakin nasty! I couldn't even get the damn thing out. There was so much grossness that I had to soak it with Goo Gone for a good 20 mins and pried it out with a butter knife and scissors. Gagging the whole time. But...
and yes, because of my struggle, I deemed this blogworthy.

Next up, the guest bathroom. 
This is a job for the Mr.
Changing out the ugly old faucet and adding a way cute new one.  
P.S. How bout the $2.99 Pier 1 toothbrush holder.
(ignore the mirror - thinking about 
doing this to it later, but that's a whole other post)


Its going to be
I'm so going to love it!!
Cannot wait to post the AFTER pictures of this Home DIY.

 Aww, My Mr. hard at work! ^^


  1. Wow! Look at you go Lady!!! I love productive days! I get way more done when I write a list :)


  2. Look at you go, Homeowner! Great job :)

  3. Finishing projects is such a challenge! Awesome progress on your list.

  4. ooh gross. not really sure what state such a thing can get into, but i can imagine.
    nice taps make such a difference. a touch of luxury, no matter how ordinary, or thrifted, or cheap even!, the rest of the bathroom.

    chuckling that it was a draft post too... heehee

  5. Whoo! Go you! There's a garbage disposal in my sink and I don't even know how it got there because such things don't exist in the UK; I don't know how the previous owners managed to buy one; I had to google how to use it (with running water? without running water?); I think all the blades are blunt but I can't even get parts to repair it. So... I guess my point is, "Oooh! Jealous!"

    1. No garbage disposal in the UK, what! Oh and I believe the blades are suppose to be blunt. I don't know. I'm just glad to get rid of the awful smell that was coming from that area. :P

  6. I had to laugh...I am the world's worst procrastinator!! Yay for you for accomplishing so the pot with the stickers - and at such a great frugal bargain!
    Nice sink/tap job too!
    Happy day!


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