Wednesday, April 4, 2012

bad juju [update]

Bad juju; a bad vibe or aura.

I smudged our house before we moved in, and I had to do it again today. 

Considering that in the 8 months that we have been here, NOTHING has gone right, there must be bad juju in the air still. {Perhaps left from the previous owners} In reality, this move has not been a smooth transition no matter how many times I try to sugarcoat it and tell myself that it’s all peaches and creme- it’s really not. Everything is jacked up and has been since day one. I do not usually blog about that stuff though. Nope, those lovely details I try keep to myself for the most part. But seeings how I have been in a major funk all week (yes, I know it’s only Wednesday, but for me, that’s far too long to feel like this) maybe I do need to get it all out and off my chest in a soul cleansing sort of way? I think its time to bust out my actual sheets of paper type journal and let it all go once and for all.

Then I can sit back, and let nature take its course.


I woke to a cold dog nose nudging me and I am happy to say that - Today I feel AMAZING. Refreshed. Calm. 
There a peace in my soul again.
Sometime you just need to let it all out. 


  1. yep, let it out, one way or another.

    when you smudge, you open all your windows too? letting all the vibes flow out?

    1. Yep, windows & doors open, I say a little prayer type thing, and I leave no corner or closet neglected. I smudged every room and every closet and even the showers.

      Today I feel better! :)

  2. I'm sending out prayers for you! I bought a sage wand when we moved into our house five years ago, and I never needed to use it. This house just felt RIGHT, you know? Lately, though... notsomuch. So that wand that's still sitting on a shelf in the pantry? Maybe it's time to get it out. Here's to wishing the best for both of us!

    1. thank you and the same to you! I hope you are able to smudge your house and feel the same calmness come over you as I did.
      Today I woke feeling amazing!

  3. ((hugs)) this is just a tough week. :(

  4. I need to do a good smudging again too... a good thorough spring clean and then the sage stick comes in.
    Have you ever tried some feng shui principles? I love them and believe they do hold power.
    ~Blessings to you and your home.

    1. No I haven't, but I am very interested in learning more about them!

  5. This is very interesting to me. I stayed in a house recently with a positively AWFUL vibe in it. The person who lived in it wasn't exactly the nicest person ever, but I was just miserable that whole time. I didn't have a vehicle there so my mom had to come pick me up and I told her just walking out of the door gave me a huge sense of peace. She told me she actually felt what I was talking about because the second she walked in the door it was like she was drowning in negativity.
    I'll have to look into this if I ever the misfortune of staying there again!

  6. I'm glad your week turned around! Sometimes you just have to give it a swift kick in the pants.


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