Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zenni = Love

Some good news on an otherwise disappointing week; my glasses have shipped! This was the best email I had received in a while!




The last time I ordered via Zenni was also my first time ordering from there. As a result to not knowing what I was doing, I mistakenly mistyped my Rx. I had ordered 4 AWESOME frames, to include two Buddy Holly style frames too. Talk about some serious disappointment when I couldn't see anything. This go around I played it a little safe with only ordering two inexpensive pairs. If I can see out of these then I'll order more! 

This order I have a red pair coming (I've never owned red glasses before!) and a half-framed black & purple pair. I seem to be on a major purple kick lately. Hm, anyways- I am Uber excited people, uber excited!


$6.95 & $9.95, you can't beat that with a stick. No really, don't.

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