Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dead Peoples Things For Sale

One thing I will never turn down is a chance to go thrifting, or as I like to call it, rummaging through dead peoples things. If someone says "Hey, lets thrift." I am in my car faster than you can say Jack Robinson. Its an addiction, really.
Here are some views from the day:

 $99.99 at a Goodwill. 
Ya know, its a sad day when I cant afford a toy from GOODWILL for my daughter 
(not that I'd let her play with this one.)
This reminds me of something Sweet Green Tangerines mom said once, "Goodwills, its not just for poor people anymore." :)

I kinda really love this painting(s) *LIGHT-BULB*

Things that make you go "WTF, Barbie"

Oh, Big Mac, you made St. Louis so proud... for minute.

...I know the feeling, dude.
 This vintage gem was almost purchased by my lil sis today. She is doing my nieces room in vintage toys. Wouldn't this Kewpie Doll be perfect?! We may have to go back before she leaves.

 Beat a child.



  1. Cool post! I love thrifting too, it's fun!

  2. Sometimes I think I live in the lamest city for thrifting. I always have super high hopes but I never find anything even close to as awesome as this stuff!

    1. Try looking at Flea Markets too. Thats where I usually find the more unusual things :)

  3. I love the barbie case! I can't believe how crazy the price is on it for a goodwill! And the mom spanking the kid...that thing is either really funny or really scary! Haha
    I'm cohosting thrifty thursdays! Thanks for linking up these cool finds!

  4. there is some serious awesomeness to be found when thrifting. and also some serious weirdness. but the awesome makes it so worth it!

  5. Wow $100 bucks at Goodwill! That's ridiculous lol. Thanks for lining up!
    xo sandra


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