Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home ownership - one DIY at a time

I feel like a snail on the treadmill of life. 

There is SO much to do to this house. I'm trying to document everything on here so I can look back later and be proud of our accomplishments. But blogging about painting a light fixture or replacing a door knob seems so tedious. 
   Oh well. 
   So Far We Have:
  •  Lime green paint in the sun room
  •  New light switch plate in the sun room
  •  Planted Morning Glories out front
  •  Added a lattice for said morning glories
  •  Dug up all cactus in the front yard
  •  Fresh paint for the entryway
  •  New light switch plates in entryway and hallway
  •  Fresh paint in the living room and dining room 
  •  New refrigerator
  •  Convert & painted wet bar to a built in bookshelf
  •  New Carpet in living room
  •  New tile in dining room
  •  Replaced light fixture in hallway
  •  Repaint light fixture in sun room
  •  Replaced master bedroom door knob
  •  Removed dead palm tree from the front yard
  •  Replaced toilet handle & faucet in hall bathroom (here)
  •  Fresh paint in the hall bathroom
  •  Laundry room makeover

Ahhh its so ongoing. Our to do list is fooooorever long. blah. All this work just to list the house for sale as soon as we get orders to PCS somewhere else. 

DIY Upcycle Kitchen Curtains 


  1. You guys have accomplished so much! I can't imagine putting all that work in knowing you'll be somewhere else eventually. Still, it will be great to look back here and see all of your hard work. P.S. I have an incredible amount of pool envy. I need a private pool and a pool boy.

    1. Ooo I'd love me a pool boy too! lol as for the pool, once the novelty of it runs out (and it does pretty fast) then its just a huge pain in the arse with all the maintenance and upkeep... and that reminds me that I need to go out and brush & skim it. Lovely.

  2. I love this! You've accomplished so much!! We have been in our house for 3 years now and the to-do lists just keep coming. We enjoy it so much, though. I love the chalkboard wall!

    1. Thanks! She is actually repainting one of the walls in her brothers room. I went with a darker blue thinking space... I hated how it looked soooo we all got to play with paint while recovering that one wall LOL
      And I've been meaning to email you, Liv! I've got some Q's for you!! :)


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